Wednesday, August 26, 2015

#NationalDogDay: In Loving Memory of Bandit

In Loving Memory of my boy Bandit on National Dog Day. I think he was about 13 or 14 years old when we lost him. I remember I was about 12 (in the 6th grade) when we got him. We say his picture on the website for a shelter in Coon Rapid (I think that was the city) and from just that picture he showed so much character and emotion.

He was the most loving dog. He could tell when we were sad and would try to cheer us up. He was a little crazy and did some really hilarious stuff that made us laugh. And he could be a little troublemaker when he was upset with either me or my mom.

I honestly believe that if he had had the right training he could have been a terrific therapy dog. He was really in tune with our emotions and would do anything to make us feel better.

For a puppy that had been abandoned in a garage with his brothers and sisters, I'm glad that we were the ones who gave him a home. He deserved every ounce of love we gave him and he gave just as much love back to us.

We miss you every day, Bandit. My sweet boy. We will love you forever.

(I'm getting a little teary writing this...)

Do you have any furry doggy friends that you're celebrating today?


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