Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Sunday Post | Issue #10

The Sunday Post is a weekly meme hosted by Kimba @ Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

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Issue #10 - December 20, 2015 to December 26, 2015

Hello, everyone! Welcome to Issue #10 of The Sunday Post on Once Untold!

I think I'm going to change up the format for this section of The Sunday Post. Instead of just doing a paragraph about my week, I'm going to make a list so that each day I can just fill in what went on. So let's get started on my rundown of my life this past week!

Sunday: After about a week and a half of breathing troubles, I finally had some relief today! I didn't have any trouble breathing at all today and had no chest pains. I also worked on my review for The Asgardians by S.T. Bende which will be going up on Monday on Once Untold. I've started downloading this current season of The Walking Dead. Bummer is that I can't download Episode 2 because the app that I use doesn't have it available for some reason. And Episode 1 has a HUGE cliffhanger! Anyone know where I can watch Episode 2 for free?

Monday: I posted my first post for Top 10 of 2015. It's my Top 10 Best Books I've Read this year. I also got a surprise present today from Lorna, who is a member of my library's Friends of the Library group. She's also an acquaintance of my mom's. I totally wasn't expecting to receive anything from her. It ended up being Green Tea Pocky. While I loved receiving the gift, I also feel kind of bad because, even though I love Pocky I hate Green Tea. So I feel kind of bad because I probably won't eat it.

Tuesday: I posted my Top 10 Favorite Covers for Top 10 of 2015. And I received 4 packages in the mail today. Three of them were street team packages I received from S.T. Bende and the other was the other two rings I bought. I'm still waiting for one more package, which is another ring that I received for free. I don't get pressies very often so it was fun opening all of them.

Wednesday: My Top 10 Favorite Couples was posted today for Top 10 of 2015. Since I won't have internet access Thursday and Friday, I scheduled the rest of my Top 10 of 2015 posts, as well as this weeks graphic novel spotlight. I'm really excited about this one, because it's a spin-off of one of my favorite manga series. I didn't even know about it, so it was a very pleasant surprise.

Thursday: Top 10 book boyfriends went up today! The manga I was talking about yesterday is Boys Over Flowers Season 2. I loved the original - the manga, anime and live actions - so this spin-off is really exciting!

Friday: Merry Christmas! My Top 10 most anticipated reads for 2016 went up today. There's a lot of great titles on my list that I can't wait to get my hands on.

Saturday: I'm pretty much just trying to catch up on my TV shows so that I can write up my review for the first half of the season for each. So Episodes 1 to Midseason finales. I'm almost done with The Walking Dead, except for Episode 2, of course.

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Coming Up Next Week:

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What I Read This Week:

**The covers are linked to their Amazon pages**

Pre-Order These Titles:

Every week I share pre-orders on my Facebook profile and Twitter feed and these are the ones I shared this week. All covers are linked to their Amazon pages.

New Events Happening at LIEP Promotions:

We are organizing a one week book tour for MY HEART IS YOURS by Amanda Leigh, young adult/new adult contemporary romance. The tour takes place JANUARY 1 to JANUARY 7, 2016. Tour stops include promotion and review options. The eBook will be provided in Kindle format.

That's all I've got for this week! How did your week go?


  1. Happy Sunday! I hope you are feeling better and glad that you have no more breathing difficulties, is it because of stress? What an efficient week you have! I've seen Deal Breakers around and looking forward to your review! Hopefully they don't archive it before I manage to send in a request :P

    Merry Belated Christmas and my brother is having the same trouble with The Walking Dead too!

    Natasha @ My Sunday Post

    1. Thanks for the well wishes! :) I think my breathing problems may be from anxiety, although I also have respiratory allergies too. It could be any number of things really. I just don't know. Deal Breakers is really good so far and it's a quick read too, so it shouldn't take me too long to read. I don't know why I can't get Episode 2 of The Walking Dead anywhere. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one having this problem. It still sucks, though, for both of us. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment!

    2. Ahh, do take good care of yourself! I normally calm myself with music and movies when I'm feeling all panicky, and lay off the caffeine if that helps :p I just got Deal Breakers off Netgalley today! As much as I love the light romance vibe the cover is giving off, I can't really get into the first few chapters though :/ Hope that changes as the story progresses! :) My brother has been complaining about it all day long, haha! You are welcome! You have a great blog :D

    3. Yeah, I probably shouldn't drink pop when I feeling that way. Deal Breakers is a bit slow in the beginning, but it does get better once it gets to the main story. I'm not sure I'd give it 5 stars but I still think it was a good read. I know how he's feeling. I'm almost caught up on the season, except that one episode. It's kind of irritating, although I do have some idea of what happens after watching the episodes after Episode 2. Aw, you're sweet! You have a great blog too!

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