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Book Tour | The Height of Perpetual Love by Monica F. Hudson | Guest Post

by Monica F. Hudson
Genres: Christian, Inspirational
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Nothing is higher than love, for it fulfills every need, every gesture of the human heart.

Faith and Being A Writer

Hebrews 10:35-36
So do not throw away your confidence it will be richly rewared, you need to perservere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what He has promised.

In studying this particular scripture in the subject line it directs me to the Apostle Paul who out of all those before him was given the assignment to teach the Gentiles about the love of God who is found in His Son, Jesus Christ and tell us a bold story of God's plan for those who, believe in Jesus.

His message to the 7 churches is a monumental chapter in Christianity for God had assigned him a great task as a writer to not just write but engage himself with those who did not know Jesus. It was also his duty as a writer to live a life worthy of his beliefs. Paul was a strong and confdent writer.

Confidence is a word that every writer knows is important if they are to stand on the message betrayed within their books. Being an author can challenge you, bend and twist even the relationship with yourself as well as your audience through criticism, like Paul who did find criticism even from the disciples and followers of Chrst he had faith in God that his gifts and talents from God where given for a purpose.

A writer exercising their pen and paper to create a powerful and exciting array of pictorial visions for a reader to captivate them only demonstrates the inner workings God has placed within them through the Holy Spirit, just as Paul's messages are used even today to teach of the Christian faith walk to the Gentiles, writers, authors, and even publishers have this same duty to convey to their readers regardless of any subject..

Faith leads the writer to stand in confidence that will showcase the gift and propel the reader. In writing it takes faith to be scrutinized and even more so, when the writer feels they came up short in how they presented the storyline do they learn themselves in how to become a better writer.

One of the miraculous wonders given to a writer is the gift of vision to see the world in a different light and all this takes is a person with child-like faith to believe firmly in their presentations as writers while they themselves are maturing to become writers with muscle, being this type of writer can change a persons interpretation of the world and even destiny.

Faith has a powerful influence on the writer and the reader.It gives a solid foundation that man can clearly be seen as a divine person and the writer can clearly hear the inner song of His Creator, to gain open access to the message.

Through the task of digging one's self up can create a piece of literature in the process can be grueling, draining and pulls at the roots of the writers privacy. Words that lead to storylines that flow into chapters and even memoirs which in turn lights up the heart of a reader or makes them think outside of the box of how life can and does present itself, after all it requires faith and confidence in writing to give of yourself freely and without merits.

Hebrews 11:1
Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.

Monica F. Hudson

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Monica F. Hudson is the author/publisher of Hudson Publishers within the components of this company she brings a vision of beauty, boldness and out of the box thinking through her books, to bring the message of the Gospels as empowerment and encouragement. On these two pillars stands her writing ministry and as an ambassador of Christ her calling to spread the Word can be seen in all her platforms. Her pen flows with positive and influential messages of hope and faith that society so readily needs in today's world about the faith walk,identifying who we are, fruits of the Spirit and the promises of God.

Through her own testimonies of what God has done in her life demonstrates that she has a message to bring to others about the inner journey and having an intimate relationship with Christ, it is in and through this anointing that continues to raise the attributes of where God is taking her with this gifted profession.

She is also a veteran in the healthcare field and currently a resident of Little Rock, AR, a member of Allen Temple A.M.E. Church in Pine Bluff, AR. She is a member of the American Christian Writers and a contributor writer for the e-magazine, The Cofield Report found on Amazon and Facebook. She connects and responds to her followers on many issues and topics affecting them. Her writing ministry has allowed her to be an active participant in talk shows, magazine interviews, book conferences, and book festivals. This fresh attitude helps keep her creativity flowing as a river that readers can follow the journey and not loose pace.


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