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4 Star Book Review | Den and Breakfast by Cassie Wright

DEN AND BREAKFAST (Honeycomb Falls #1)
by Cassie Wright
Published: December 7th, 2014
Genres: Adult, Paranormal. Fantasy, Romance, Erotica
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My Rating: ★★★★☆
A BBW in search of love + A sexy shifter only she can free = Smokin' Roaring Romance

When Rachel inherits her grandmother's home in the idyllic village of Honeycomb Falls, she decides to turn it into a gorgeous bed & breakfast. Yet will her plans survive her encounter with the sinfully hot werewolf masquerading as the gardener, or the darker heritage that her grandmother has left her, whom rumor has was a powerful witch?

Reader Note: This book contains searing sex (ice cream time-outs are recommended), adult language (he knows what he likes and he's not shy about demanding), and violence. If this is not the kind of stuff you like to read, skip this book. However, if you like dirty, raunchy sex with a sinfully hot wolf on one funny curvy girl, then this is right up your alley. Enjoy!

Cover Review:

The cover to Den and Breakfast drew me in right away. The couple on the cover is beautiful and with the wolf on the cover you know that it's a shifter romance. I think what I like most about the cover is the town on the bottom. It gives you a picture of what Honeycomb Falls could look like. It looks picturesque and magical, doesn't it? I also really like the color scheme. This is a really well done and beautiful cover.

Book Review:

Rachel has had the worst day of her life. First she learns that her grandmother passed away, then she's fired from her job, and when she returns home she finds her fiance cheating on her. But things look up when she learns that her grandmother, Mama B., left her everything she owned, including her mansion in the small town of Honeycomb Falls, which she plans to convert into a shifter bed and breakfast. But that's not the only thing she's been left. Rachel also inherits a heritage she's not sure she wants.

Blake, the former alpha of the Hidden Moon werewolf pack, has been trapped at Honeycomb Hall for the past two years, stuck behind a hex ward Mama B. put up when he tried to steal her staff of power. He was going to be challenged for the alpha position and thought that stealing the staff would show his bravery. So when he learns that Rachel is Mama B.'s granddaughter, he has hope of freedom, but that's quickly dashed when she tells him that she's not a witch. But when Rachel promises to help find a way to release him, her sincerity makes him she that Rachel is trustworthy.

The chemistry between Rachel and Blake is H.O.T.!! I loved how after all the crap Rachel had to deal with with her past relationships and how the men made her feel less than she was, that Blake made her feel good about herself and her body. He boosted her confidence in herself, because all he saw was her and he liked what he saw. He was hungry for what he saw. Even after only knowing each other for a short time, their loyalty to each other is strong. Blake and his wolf want Rachel for their mate and that makes Blake more protective of her and more ravenous for her.

Rachel has a choice to make when it comes to her heritage. In order to get permission from the Cairn Elder to make Honeycomb Hall into the Cairn Lodge, she has to prove that she can control the packs and shifters under her roof. But because she's not a witch like Mama B. her chances to getting that permission is slim to none. It's a difficult choice for her because she fears that accepting her magical nature will change her into something unrecognizable. But there comes a point when she needs to make the decision and quickly. Blake also has a difficult choice to make concerning his pack.

I really loved Mama B.'s letters. It was so hilarious how those all too knowing letters from her dead grandmother freaked Rachel out. I also really liked how Anita's story was introduced in this book. She's Honeycomb Hall's cook. I can't wait to see what happens next!


I gave Den and Breakfast a 4 STAR rating. This book is all kinds of intense and scorching! I loved Rachel and Blake, they really were perfect for each other. Even though Mama B. is dead in this book, her personality in the letter she left Rachel is impossible to love. The other shifters are at time menacing, pathetic, and brave, depending on which shifter we're talking about. And I can't wait to read Anita's story in the next book.

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Cassie was born in Brooklyn, NYC. She has worked as a marketing director, on the floor of a cochlear implant factory (not fun), a barista, a digital content manager at a major NYC publishing house, and for a brief and weird time as an accountant. Basically all over the place. Her time at the NYC publishing house however opened her eyes to the benefits of self-publishing; she saw that she’d be in full control of her publishing schedule, her covers, her content, her marketing, and never looked back.

She is currently writing the Sunny Point Series set in the Appalachian Mountains.

All of her books feature hot, dominant alphas who fall for sassy women with voluptuous curves. What fascinates her about this dynamic is how it allows her to explore a wide range of emotions: need, desire, dominance, despair, and raw lust – and all of them kicked to a supernaturally high intensity.

Cassie lives in Brooklyn, and hopes that if her books become sufficiently successful, she can give up her quest to find the perfect cup of coffee and open a little French cafe of her own.


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