Friday, May 15, 2015

TAG | Would You Rather - Book Edition

I saw this tag on The Bookavid and I just had to do it too! Be sure to head over there and check out Jen's post!

1.) ...only read trilogies for the rest of your life or stand-alone novels?

- I'd rather read stand-alone novels for the rest of my life. In the ratio of book series to stand alones, I usually like the stand alones more, so I'd rather not have a long list of unfinished series in my lifetime of reading.

2. ...only read novels by female or by male authors for the rest of your life?

- Female! Most of the books I read are written by female authors and I connect better with a female author's writing.

3. ...only buy books in book stores or at one online store for the rest of your life?

- This one's hard. I don't go to book stores that often, so I'd say online retailers.

4. ...have all your favorite novels made into movies or TV shows?

- TV show, because the world and characters can be expanded more than they can be in movies. TV shows can go on for a while, whereas once a movie is out it's over and nothing changes.

5. ...only be able to read five pages a day for the rest of your life or have to read five novels a week?

- Five novels a week. I'd probably die if I could only read five pages a day.

6. ...earn enough money to pay your bills as a professional book reviewer or author?

- Book reviewer. My writing ability isn't good enough to be an author, besides I think I'd enjoy reading more than writing and being a reviewer you do both. Writing reviews is so much easier.

7. ...have to be only able to reread your favorite twenty books for the rest of your life or only be able to read novels you haven't read before?

- Unread novels. I'd get bored if I had to read the same books over and over, no matter how much I liked them.

8. a book seller or a librarian?

- Book seller. My dream is to own my own book store.

9. only able to read books from your favorite genre for the rest of your life or only be able to read books from every genre BUT your favorite?

- Books from my favorite genre. If I had to read everything but my favorite, I might end up living a life of reading non-fiction. No thanks.


If you'd like to do this TAG, I'd love to see your answers! Please add your link to the list below.


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