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Book Blitz | Taming Tigers by Daisy White | Giveaway

by Daisy White
Published: July 30th, 2015
Genres: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Dystopian, Fantasy
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Seventeen year old Talia is struggling to earn a living as a seamstress, surviving in the infamous Camps of war torn Arista. When her soldier fiancé Kellar suggests a bizarre route of escape — stowing away in the cross desert freight train to Leonore, Talia jumps at the chance.

In Leonore she can marry Kellar and expand her business — leaving the war behind... But a freak accident leaves her stranded and alone in the desert. Caught between the two countries, and forced to face her troubled past, Talia must choose between love and revenge, whilst playing the ultimate game of survival. Comforted by The Guardian and haunted by The Ghost, Talia begins a journey that will change her life forever...

‘A rich mix of evocative mysticism and gritty fantasy – Beautiful...’

GUEST POST - Am I In Your Book?

An often asked question for authors has to be along the lines of the above, along with, “Do you use real life people or are they entirely fictional?”

The answer is of course that yes, whether I know you or not, you probably feature somewhere in my books. My best friends (and I am lucky to have a whole bunch of amazing people I count as friends), all make guest appearances. Not as themselves of course, but I might use Claire’s habit of twirling her hair, Abi’s bravery, Sophie’s cool urban sass, all in one character. Then the character may be visually resemble someone I was staring at in the supermarket queue last week.

Writing Taming Tigers, I drew heavily on my days of travelling, and brought in half-forgotten people and places, blending them to form a living, breathing story. I love dialogue, and find if I can get inside the characters’ heads, the words flow easily.

Talia, is smart, clumsy, and wary. Living in a refugee camp she has to be street smart, but I knew she had a softer, more innocent side that only emerges when she is with Kellar, or later in the book, with The Guardian.

Kellar owes much of his character to a family friend, who just happens to be a former military test pilot, and the rest comes from a barman in Cancun, a doctor in Grenada, and that surfer at the beach last summer...

Writers store details as naturally as breathing, and I often drift off when I am in a queue at the airport/supermarket/school pick up and get caught staring at people.

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DAISY WHITE is an author, literary entrepreneur and community pop up shop consultant. She also runs award-winning pop up indie bookshop Daisy White's Booktique, lives in a cowshed and has a passion for mud-running, vintage hats and reading .

Roadkill was Daisy's first YA book, self-published with Amazon, and this was followed by YA fantasy Killing Time which was also self-published.

In 2014 she was delighted be signed by traditional US publishers Melange Books and her debut YA fantasy (Taming Tigers) for their Fire and Ice imprint is out July 2015...

Daisy would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to read and review her books, as she learns something new from each critique.

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