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by Clarissa Wild
Published: October 7th, 2015
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Dark, Romance, Erotica
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21 years

On her 21st birthday she’s taken. Collected by a rich family as an unpaid debt. Her body sold. Her mind his.

21 weeks

For 21 weeks she carried a burden no girl should ever have to carry. Now she loses her freedom to a man born to destroy her.

21 days

His name: Angel DeLuca. His mission: To break her in 21 days before she sees through his lies. But she won’t give up without a fight.

21 minutes

It takes only 21 minutes for their lives to be forever entwined.

21 seconds

21 seconds to spill. Time is running out.

Secrets ruin them … but not all truths are worth the price.

This is a STANDALONE Dark Romance novel. WARNING: contains explicit situations, graphic violence, drug abuse, and other disturbing content.

I push past my father, still furious as hell. I walk straight to her cell, do the retinal scan and press the numbers to open the door, not even caring to put on my mask.

What I find is a broken girl.


Her body lying on the floor like a wet rag.

Buckets of water thrown on the floor near her.

A chair in the middle painted red from blood. Her blood.

Red welts and puncture wounds mark her body. Welts and wounds that aren’t mine.

How fucking dare they.

She’s mine.

As I step into her cell, I take a second to wipe my bloody hands on my shirt. No matter how hard I try, it won’t disappear completely, and for some reason that makes me feel bad. I look at her small, frail body and wonder how the hell I’m going to fix this. She’s been beaten to the point of losing her will to live. I never thought he would go this far … that he would ruin her to a point of no return. This shouldn’t have happened … and it’s all my fucking fault.

Going on one knee, I gently pick her up and hold her in my arms as I get back up. She’s cold, and she isn’t even shivering to make up for it. Holding her close to my body in the hopes that it’ll make her a bit warmer, I walk out of the cell and into the light. Right now, the only thing on my mind is her safety, and nothing’s gonna stand in my way of securing it.

My father stands in the middle of the big hall, watching me, along with the three women who’ve been working in the kitchen all day. Their silent looks tell me enough, but nothing will stop me. Rage has taken me beyond what I thought I was willing to sacrifice. I feel invincible, capable of destroying the world, if that’s what it takes to keep her with me.

“Don’t,” my father says. “You’re making a mistake.”

“No, you did, the moment you took me away from her! Don’t fucking dare to interfere again.”

“Angel …”

“You might be my father, but I’m the best you have, and you know damn well no one in this company can win from me, so don’t even try to take her away from me. You’d better not get in my way.”

“I can’t let you take her out of this place,” he says.

“Watch me,” I growl, walking toward him.

“Angel, you know this place is specifically designed to contain our prisoners. If you take her out, who knows what will happen. She might escape, and this time for real. You don’t want that to happen. You know what the consequences are.”

“She won’t,” I spit.

“You don’t know that.”

“I’ll make sure of it.”

He blocks my way, standing in front of me, so I stop next to him. He doesn’t attempt to grab my arm, even though I suspected he would. He’s smarter than I thought.

“So you’re just gonna leave? You do realize this will never end well?” he says.

I glance at him. “I will give you your information. But I will do it my way. Where I want. How I want. My terms.”

“You know it will fail.”

“We’ll see about that,” I growl, gripping her body tight. “Now leave me the hell alone.”

I walk past him, blowing out a deep breath as he lets me pass. He doesn’t attempt to stop me like before. Probably because he’s seen my determination and realizes it has its strength. Or maybe because he fears it.

With Sky’s life hanging by a thread, I wrap my hands around her body and let her head rest on my shoulder. For a second, as I walk through the hallway, I glance over my shoulder. An unfamiliar feeling rushes through me the moment I see my father’s stupefied face. Amusement, maybe. But it feels more like pride.

“Where are you going?” he yells after me.

With a confident sneer, I answer, “Home.”

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Clarissa Wild is a New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author, best known for the dark Romance novel Mr. X. Her novels include the Fierce Series, the Delirious Series, and Stalker. She is also a writer of erotic romance such as the Blissful Series, The Billionaire's Bet series, and the Enflamed Series. She is an avid reader and writer of sexy stories about hot men and feisty women. Her other loves include her furry cat friend and learning about different cultures. In her free time she enjoys watching all sorts of movies, reading tons of books and cooking her favorite meals.

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